Marc Verter


The ambicable and musical complicity of Marc Verter accompanied and supported the singer in this original journey.”

Serge Chauzy, Classic Touluse

Julia Kogan and her excellent accompanist rapidly found their crusing speed and thoroughly entertained us with these chiseled gems.”

Marc Laborde, Utmisol

The performances by the soprano and tenor duo of Harriet Burns and William Searle, accompanied by Marc Verter and Sebastian Wybrew, are modest, but stylish and appealing. Franz, who wrestled with deafness (like Beethoven) for half a century, would surely be delighted to be accorded such devoted treatment. “

Finanical Times – Robert Franz: Collected Osterwald Lieder and Songs

Congratulations for these performances which gave me much pleasure. So very much of it was really beautiful, and represents a level of accomplishment in this repertoire, and with this composer that you can really be proud of.”

Graham Johnson O.B.E (Commenting on Marc’s performance in a concert of Schumann Lieder)

In Marc Verter, Nelson was blessed with one of the few sensitive accompanists of the evening.”

Hilary Finch – The Times, Review of The Kathleen Ferrier Awards at Wigmore Hall

The third Schumann lunch, devoted to Myrten, Robert’s wedding gift to Clara, introduced us to an exceptional Austrian baritone, Lukas Kargl, whose performance, supported by the wonderfully expressive accompaniment of Marc Verter, moved some of the audience to tears.”


Marc Verter contributed in full measure, making the piano “speak” for the babbling brook in all its moods.”(A performance of Schubert’s Die Schone Mullerin with tenor Andrew O’Brien)”

Serena Fenwick, Musical Pointers

Marc is an outstanding pianist and coach, and as an accompanist he brings unusual sensitivity and colors to his performances. I have been more directed to his playing than to the soloist. He has the makings of the strongest collaborator at the highest level.

David Effron

Marc is a wonderful pianist, who plays with great artistry and precision. He puts his whole soul into whatever he is working on. I highly recommend him as a talented and versatile young artist of great potential.”

Martina Arroyo

Marc Verter is one of the biggest musical and pianistic talents I have encountered during my years of teaching. Blessed with an uncommon sensitivity, Marc has a very strong technical foundation and possesses a rare musical intelligence.”

Leonard Hokanson
Marc Verter Piano accompanist