* At the start of February, 2013  I adjudicated both the singers' class and the pianists' class for the Jewish charity EMUNA at the Royal Academy of Music. 

* As an initial step in the project "The Lost Songs of Hollywood", I joined soprano Julia Kogan and producer Christoper Swann and traveled to Wiltshire to visit and interview Olivia Tiomkin, widow of  celebrated Hollywood composer Dmitri Tiomkin. Tiomkin, along many other composers, fled the Nazis and settled in LA. We hope to research and perform many songs by such composers as part of a documentary film and CD recordings.  

 * I managed after several attempts to get hold of a copy of the manuscript of Gustav Holst 's short piano trio in E major which the Verter Trio will be performing in the opening concert of the Barnes Music Festival on 16th March, 2013, at St Mary's Church, Barnes. The rest of the programme will consist of trios by Haydn and Mendelssohn. Julian Lloyd Webber shall introduce the concert and perform a short piece by Holst. 



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